Intercept errors from unity and show a nice popup

I know most of Unity developers, already know about that, but this is something that i discovered not long time ago, and I want to share with you guys,  take a look at the gif bellow

So, this is done pretty simple, Unity has one way so you can grab all the Logs from the editor:

And that's it! 
In addition with that, I strongly advise have something like RayGun this tool, will track your errors and show  a bunch of other useful information, like this:

Errors Count, what is the status, where is happen and a lot more useful information

Update from Lior Tal

RegisterLogCallback is now deprecated in Unity 5.

It suffered from a big issue that it was basically just a delegate (not exposed as an event).
This means that any class that used it was overriding all the other delegates that were assigned to it.

Now that Unity 5 was released, you could use Application.logMessageReceived (event) to achieve the same.
— Lior Tal