Infinity list ~ Reusable Cells ~ for NGUI

Hello everyone, I'm a bit of a crunch lately, so this is why I'm not posting so much, but I get some time today, and decided to do a post, about something really useful for unity developers, that want to display like a list of friends or anything like that, but can't rely on having more than 300 game objects on the screen. 

I've made something like this, 3 years ago, but have some bugs, but I get to a stable version! :P

But that was really old, and I need this again, I've tested a few solutions on Asset Store, but none of this are really good in my option, then I've found a solution from one guy, that really works REALLY well! 

Here is the link (Thanks guys from OrangeLabsUK):

I've just made a few update, so is easy to replace the cell, and use in other functions, I've just changed the method PopulateListItemWithIndex to virtual, so I can change the data of this cell. And thats it, perfect, reusable, really light (I'm displaying more than 1000 objects at once, without a single problem