Per character text animation in Unity!

For quite some time, I've being working with some simple UI text animations, mostly of the times we just deal with that using tweens, scaling the transform of the object, but inspired by one post on reddit, I create the Text Juicer, a simple tool, where you can configure and animate text, per character, like that:

The project is open source, and is on github:

Feel free to add more effects and send new PRs

Intercept errors from unity and show a nice popup

I know most of Unity developers, already know about that, but this is something that i discovered not long time ago, and I want to share with you guys,  take a look at the gif bellow

So, this is done pretty simple, Unity has one way so you can grab all the Logs from the editor:

And that's it! 
In addition with that, I strongly advise have something like RayGun this tool, will track your errors and show  a bunch of other useful information, like this:

Errors Count, what is the status, where is happen and a lot more useful information

Update from Lior Tal

RegisterLogCallback is now deprecated in Unity 5.

It suffered from a big issue that it was basically just a delegate (not exposed as an event).
This means that any class that used it was overriding all the other delegates that were assigned to it.

Now that Unity 5 was released, you could use Application.logMessageReceived (event) to achieve the same.
— Lior Tal

Convert Text Component to TextMeshProUGUI keeping configurations

For the ones who dosent know, TextMesh Pro is an alternative solution for the Unity Text component, with a lot of more customization and better performance, check some videos / demos here:

And here is the tool working:

Just to share a quick script that I've done. basically get all instances of the Text component on the current scene, and replace for an new TextMeshPROUGUI one, keeping all your settings, like:

  • Font
  • Color
  • Size
  • Best Fit
  • Alignment
  • Overflow

Worked really well for my purpose, maybe can help someone else, just save the embed script in some editor folder:

Tested with the Unity 4.6.3f1 and Text Mesh Pro Beta v0.1.46 Beta 4.5.1 (you need to get access for this beta on the forum: )

Thread in Unity!

Just a quick update about something that I discovered this weekend

Thread Ninja - Multithread Coroutine

Basically what this do is, you can run a heavy task on another thread, this makes the task run keeping the FPS at some acceptable level while running your task, example:

   1:  for(int i = 0 ; i < int.MaxValue; i++)
   2:  {
   3:  }

This will lock your Unity until this finish, but if you make the same thing using the Tread Ninja. the Unity will keep running without problem or slowdown.

   1:  this.StartCoroutineAsync(IEnumeratorYourAsyncRoutine());
   3:  IEnumeratorYourAsyncRoutine()
   4:  {
   5:      for(int i =0;i < int.MaxValue; i++)
   6:      {
   7:      }
   8:  }

This is awesome! One big problem using this, if that you can't move anything from Unity inside this coroutine, but if you want you can use this little help here:

   1:  yield return Ninja.JumpToUnity;

This can be a big saver for some things, and best of all, is FREE!

Palett Picker - Unity Plugin

I've been looking around for some good Pallet solution for unity, cause sometimes is kind of hard keep every necessary colors for each project in a good place.

Them I found this:

Is a pretty amazing tool to Load / Save / Export Pallet colors, is basically made to work together with the ProBuilder, but can be used wherever you like, I'm using a lot with NGUI:

Pick color for NGUI

The amazing thing about this plugin is this little box floating over the scene view, where you will have all your needed colors in hand:

To add new colors is pretty simple too:


If you want more detail, check this video about the plugin: