Optimizing an A* Pathfinder

Just to share one nice little project I have done! 

My plan was optimized an simple A* algorithm the maximum as I can, and I've managed to reduce the method GetPah() from almost 30 ms to only 4,82 ms and the GC from 40,60 KB to 0 KB! 

Was a pretty fun and interesting to work on this kind of stuff! 

The project's available as Open Source on git hub, with all the benchmarks and discoveries I found along the way:


Per character text animation in Unity!

For quite some time, I've being working with some simple UI text animations, mostly of the times we just deal with that using tweens, scaling the transform of the object, but inspired by one post on reddit, I create the Text Juicer, a simple tool, where you can configure and animate text, per character, like that:

The project is open source, and is on github:

Feel free to add more effects and send new PRs